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Curriculum/ Programs

Our Curriculum

We implement the Montessori curriculum which offers a complete range of subject areas consisting of Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Studies, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Studies. A thematic web curriculum is implemented in all five areas throughout the academic year, making an interdisciplinary approach to learning which helps build a more comprehensive understanding of concepts taught in the minds of our students.

  • The Montessori method:


    • Unites work and play in a meaningful way

    • Satisfies children’s natural curiosity and develops a love of learning Teaches new concepts through hands-on exploration using Montessori learning materials

    • Promotes independence and self-esteem by allowing children to “do it themselve” without help from adults

    • Allows for movement in the classroom, giving children the opportunity to explore and socialize

    • To enrich children wholistically, we also have the following complementary programs in place:


Our Programs

Core Character Values (CCV)

  • Aside from academics, we believe that character building is essential during the early childhood years. We have adapted a Core Character Values program which teaches children about forgiveness, and honesty using songs, poems and engaging interactive activities.

The 14 Core Character Values are:

  • Orderliness

  • Attentiveness

  • Compassion

  • Diligence

  • Forgiveness

  • Gratefulness

  • Humility

  • Honesty

  • Obedience

  • Patience

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Self-Control

  • Self-Esteem

Language and Math Extended Work

  • To complement what the children learn through the Montessori learning materials, Language and Math concepts are strengthened further through extended supplementary group games, learning activities, and with Jolly Phonics – a highly effective program to teach children to read and write.

  • To enrich the lessons, useful resources such as Tracing/Writing Booklets, Math Booklets, and worksheets are utilized.

Multi-Activity Time

  • To help develop communication and comprehension skills in a meaningful way, we also provide children with alternating hands-on group activities such as Music & Movement, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Play, Sensory Play, Food Preparation and Interactive Storytelling.

Primary Preparations

  • To prepare children for primary school, our primary preparations program offers children a more structured learning environment

  • Structured Days, Oral Reporting, and Group Projects will be implemented to equip the children with important learning skills, integrating activities, and concrete transitioning experiences for a smooth transition to primary school.






Outside Play

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